Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a pilgrimage cost?

*The 6 day pilgrimage costs between £400-£500

*The 3 day pilgrimage costs between £250-£300

These costs depend on the particular lodging we are able to book and are not guaranteed until the time of actual booking.  Costs subject to change at any time.  Full payment of pilgrimage is to be made to East Mountain no later than 2 weeks before the scheduled pilgrimage.

Once your pilgrimage is booked, we will contact you with details on methods/manner of payment, etc.

What is included in the cost?

Costs include all lodging and breakfasts during the pilgrimage.  We stay in quality hotels and Bed and Breakfasts in Scotland and England along the SCW.  Costs also include baggage transfer (we use a service to send our luggage ahead to each BnB or hotel) and taxi service during one leg of the journey. 

A printed pilgrimage guide book and St. Cuthbert badge are also included.

What is not included in the cost?

Lunches and dinners each day are not included.  We eat in cafes and restaurants along the way and also buy food at local shops.  Plan on £20-25/day for additional meals and snacks.

Incidentals, souvenirs and hiking gear are not included.  Local lodging in the Edinburgh area before and after the pilgrimage is not included.

*Your guide provides this service at the minimum cost to you (we do not charge more than actual costs for lodging, etc).  If you wish to give an additional gift for a pilgrimage well guided, this would be most appreciated!

How often do your offer pilgrimages?

Generally, we plan 4 pilgrimages a year in the months of May and June and also in September and early October.  These tend to be the most favourable months in the UK for making an outdoor trek of this nature. 

Dates are subject to change depending on tide tables shifting for Holy Island and lodging availability. 

How fit do I need to be?

We won't lie, this is a serious walk!  The 65 miles of the 6 day experience can be long and sometimes strenuous.  The highest elevation reached is approimately 400m (1200 ft).  The longest day of hiking is 19 miles.  You will need to be reasonably fit to do the whole SCW!  That said, we have had pilgrims in their early 20's to late 60's participate with varying levels of fitness.  We leave no one behind and the sense of accomplishment at the end is exhilerating! You can do this!

What sort of kit/gear will I need?

Once your pilgrimage is confirmed and booked, East Mountain will send a detailed kit list to you.  At bare minimum, you will need sturdy, well-worn-in hiking boots that are 100% waterproof.  Good wool socks and waterproof trousers and a jacket are also a must.  A daypack with an adequate water bladder or 2L water bottle are also key.  Here in the UK, the weather can be very unpredictable, so we suggest being ready for all types of weather (sometimes 4 seasons in day)!  Don't worry, though, we'll help you prepare before you arrive!

Will I have time alone?

Pilgrimage is, by its very nature, an experience with others on the road.  The connection to your fellow pilgrims is an important "encounter point" along the way.  That said, there are times during the hike where you can have solitude as you walk.  The most free time and time alone is available on Holy Island--our destination point. 

Where do I fly into?

We are located in East Lothian, outside of Edinburgh, Scotland.  All arrivals by air or rail are into Edinburgh.  We will work with you to arrange for pickup and transportation once you are here in Scotland.

What is East Mountain?

East Mountain UK is a registered charity in the United Kingdom.  We are a Christian charity which loves to serve in the specific domains of leadership development, spiritual formation, discipleship, spaces of rest and restoration and ministry of presence.  Pilgrimage is just one of the "outflows" of our missional community life together. 

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East Mountain UK is a registered charity in the United Kingdom (charity no. 1174595).  We operate in the domains of leadership development, spiritual formation, discipleship and ministry of presence.

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